Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The UK government announced that more than 30,000 people became insolvent between January and March 2007, an increase of 24% when compared to the previous year, and a quarter of over 55s owing more than £10,000.

A single mother based in the UK believes that running your own online network marketing business is one possible solution if you are looking to supplement your income.

More people than ever are looking for alternative ways to supplement their income to help meet debts, rising mortgage costs and other expenses. Running a business is an option but risky, and many want to find an alternative that they can start and develop whilst still employed.

Online Network Marketing is developing into a viable choice for working people to tap into. Internet based companies who provide an international business opportunity using the network marketing business model.

Network marketing (mlm) provides the opportunity for anyone, from any walk of life, to develop long-term ongoing residual income.

With the popularity of the internet and the rise of people using audio, video, podcasts and blogging, VM Direct has provided a great service not only for individuals looking to use these resources, but also for people looking to develop an additional income source by promoting these services.

Diane Corriette, a single mother of 3 who runs her own online business at enjoys the benefits that working online and from home provides her.

"I can be there when my kids need me and I also get to fit my schedule around them" she says "we can all do with more money and you have to spend time building your business but the results are amazing"

One of the more powerful aspects of using the internet is the opportunity it provides for you to network with people around the world and this, added to the fact that you can do as little or as much as you want to build your business is why more people looking at ways to make money are turning to it.

This business is great for anyone looking to run their own business and enjoy the residual income that can be developed as a result. You receive full training and support to build and successfully run your business.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Free Publicity For Your Online Business

It is very easy to get some free publicity for your online business. You can start with taking a crash course on how to write a press release and then put together a media kit. There are many details online on how to go about it, on how to present something news worthy about your business in one or two pages.

It should be presented in an interesting manner for the audience you are aiming for. You must avoid technical jargons and sales lingo. You must prepare a report which is easy to understand and interesting too. Only then an editor or producer will be willing to publish your business story for free. Along with it you must also keep the clients interest alive by sending regular press releases.

There are some other ways also of getting free publicity which are equally effective.

Spreading the word, or what we call the word of mouth is a very cheap and effective method. You can also do it online by newsletters, online discounts or e-cards on your web site.

You can also make your products visible by distributing free samples and free service demonstrations-this also leads to word of mouth publicity. This method is especially very effective in case of new products.

Giving out awards, especially to someone distinguished in your field, and who also has connections in your industry is always very helpful in bringing your business into limelight.

You can follow the age old system of helping each other i.e. small dealers can agree with each other to display and advertise each others products on the web.

Another way of advertising your product is sending out free samples to the relevant people in the hope that they will use it in an appropriate manner and hope that the others will also start using it.

You may also start special groups, clubs, parties etc where you can invite and meet your potential clients and discuss your products with them.

You may also consider distributing your visiting cards and pamphlets at various fairs and other gatherings.

You may offer to speak /teach at relevant seminars and conferences and thus talk about your product.

You may enter into a partnership with other similar businessmen so that each one of you expose or promote each others business. A very healthy competitive environment may thus develop where each one tries to do his best.

How To Get Free Publicity For Your Website

If you want to promote your product or service, then consider using public relations. The best part of PR is that it costs nothing. In fact, public relations is one of the best kept secrets of small business owners who are successful. Use these powerful techniques to get picked up by local and national media.

1. Be an expert. The media relies on experts for their information. The news that gets printed is only as credible as the source from which it comes. Begin by selecting a news related story to comment on. It should be a story that you are qualified to speak about, aligned with your area of expertise.

If your background is in engineering, and a building falls down, you are qualified to speak about the structure and answer possible engineering related questions. Being an expert simply means that you have a background in a specific area and can lend your expertise.

2. Research the reporter. To get coverage, find the reporter who is covering the news you wish to comment on. For example, if the news is about a specific current event, then Google the current event name followed by the name of a popular newspaper like the Wall Street Journal or USA Today. You'll quickly find the reporters who have written on the subject. Call the newspaper (contact information available on their website) and ask for the reporter by name. If the operation asks what your call is in reference to, simply state that you have information related to a specific news item.

3. Compliment the reporter. When you locate the reporter, and contact him, start with a compliment. Reporters take great pride in their work. Be sure to compliment their position on a given topic or their previous work. After complimenting them, you're ready for the pitch.

Talk to them about your position on the given news story and what you have to offer. Again, referring back to our earlier example of the building, mention that you have an engineering background and have a position on the story. For example, you might be able to comment on why buildings collapse and the structural aspects that could be the cause. Let the reporter ask questions but have a point of view. After the dialogue, the reporter will verify your information such as name and company.

4. Leave a compelling yet non-descript message. If you're unable to get in touch with the reporter directly, leave a message - but be discreet. You don't want to show all of your cards before speaking to him directly. However, if you leave enough information to get them to return your call, they will call you. Reporters follow up with any leads they consider opportunistic.

When leaving a message, simple say, "I have something you need to hear about (fill in name of story here)." Be specific with regard to the story the reporter is covering. You want them to consider your possible information valuable.

5. State your expertise. After complimenting the reporter about their coverage on a specific article or issue, let them know your position on a given topic and why you are qualified to comment on it. Give them your pitch and be confident that your opinion matters base on the experience you have to offer.

In today's environment, it's difficult to attract the media's attention. The best way to get PR for your product or service is by commenting on current stories being covered by the media. The process is simple. When you hear a news story that you can comment on, find the reporter using Google and the name of a major publication.

Research some of the reporter's previous articles for background and then contact him directly. Let him know that you have some information that he may find valuable or a comment relevant to the story. Be sure to provide him with your credentials. Lastly, be persistent. Continue to reach out to the media and soon they'll be calling you for advice.

The Most Overlooked Method To Get Free Publicity

In most cases, you can use the normal media channels to get the publicity you need for your product or service. And, although you don't need to come up with schemes to get attention, they do work.

Sometimes promotion departments of manufacturers' stage marathon events or contests with their products - especially with toys and games. Apparel companies may sponsor athletic races; manufacturers of motorcycles sponsor races.

Although promotion schemes do cost money to stage, the efforts usually pay off in a long run with the number of customers sold on the product.

For local coverage, charity drives and dinners are good ways to get in the paper. Some enterprises strive for a more national coverage with special prizes connected to sports events.

If you are clever enough, and there's no big news break that day, you may get your scheme on television. Even local footage reaches thousands and thousands of people.

What gimmicks can you think of that will pay off for their investment? How is your product or service used that it can commercially be exploited by the news? Can you keep going with it-making it an annual event, drawing customers from near and far?

What if you don't want to do the publicity yourself? If your product or service is a natural for free publicity, you can hire a company or a person to do your public relations work.

There are many freelancers in the large cities who have a number of clients that they publicize. They've already broken the ice with the editors and the media, so they can get their releases printed.

If you want to hire someone for a special project, get a person who has the contacts and who specializes in your product line. If you're a celebrity, use someone who has a reputation in the entertainment industry. If you are a manufacturer with new appliances, likewise consider a person with expertise in that field.

Check out the person or firm. Talk to other clients and find out what has been done for them. Have they increased their sales or public exposure?

Investigate the reputation with people in the media you want to publicize in, and be sure there is a clean slate with the local business associations.

Then work efficiently with the person who will handle your publicity. Communicate effectively and be sure your ideas are understood. Listen well and absorb any ideas thrown your way. Between the two of you, you can come up with an excellent publicity campaign that will make your business boom.

The wonderful thing about free publicity is that you have nothing to lose. A few phone calls; a few personal letters, maybe some investment in quick printing news releases. And, you can reap many times that investment in additional sales and orders.

Whether you have an international personality to publicize or a community barbecue, you can get that information to the public at little expense.

What is unique about your service or product? Is it the best? The most used? The longest lasting? Do customers return year after year? Consider all the angles, then consider again.

Be sure to make solid contacts and be thorough with your follow-ups. Being polite and efficient will always create effective business relations. Then exploit your own publicity. Use it again and again; post it in the store or rewrite it for more national distribution. Go as far as you can with your ideas.

And, it doesn't cost you. That is the true joy - with a little effort and persistence, you can reap great profits from free publicity.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cigar Basics For Non-Smokers

Cigars are made from special varieties of tobacco that require careful tending. Tobacco leaves intended to be used as cigar wrappers must be carefully grown and harvested to keep the leaves free of blemishes.

Cigar tobacco is grown in Central American countries, West Africa and Indonesia and the Connecticut River Valley in USA. Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaraguan, Cameroon, Mexico and United States tobaccos all have their characteristic flavours and give particular properties to a cigar. Check out

Cuban tobacco is the best. It is usually strong and full bodied, and gives a spicy and aromatic flavor to a cigar.

Dominican tobacco is quite full flavored and is useful in the making of complex blends.

Ecuadorian tobacco is milder.

Honduras and Nicaragua produce a full bodied tobacco with a strong spicy flavor.

Mexican leaves are widely used as binder and filler in cigars. Mexican tobacco leaves are commonly used as wrappers in dark Maduro cigars.

The Connecticut River Valley, in USA, produces some of the best wrapper leaf tobacco. The fine brown to brownish yellow leaf is used to make mild and medium bodied cigars. It is widely used on premium cigars. Find the cigars you are looking for at

Cameroon and the Central African Republic produces a high quality wrapper leaf. It has fairly neutral characteristics and is used as a wrapper for full flavored filler tobaccos.

Indonesian tobacco wrapper leaves are often dark brown and have neutral flavors.
Philippine tobacco is mild but aromatic

Cigars may be hand-made or machine-made. Hand-made cigars will naturally be more expensive and the leaf used to fill the cigars will often run the length of the cigar, rather than the shredded filler used in machine-made cigars.

Tobacco leaves grown for wrapping cigars are usually shade-grown under cheese-cloth tents because this gives a finer grained and more supple leaf. Sun grown tobacco used as filler in cigars will be thicker leaved with more prominent veins.

Cigar smokers usually have a range of favorite cigars that they smoke on different occasions. You will find current recommendations on websites and in magazines. If you have only recently discovered cigars then your best bet is to experiment. Be aware of the blend and type of cigars you smoke and buy more of the ones you like.

Cigars should be kept in a humidor. This will maintain the cigar at the correct temperature and humidity to ensure continued aging.

Cigar smoking fashions change, so you may find some types of cigar easier to find than others. If you are prepared to look hard enough and experiment widely you will find cigars that suit your palate


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